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All hosting accounts require a domain name.

You can search for a new domain here or transfer an existing one to us. If you want to transfer a name or names now, type each on a separate line, in the box below. We will send you a confirmation email with further instructions. For more information about transfers click here.



NB: there is a one-off set-up fee of 15.00 on hosting accounts where a domain name was not purchased through us. This is to cover the administration of the transfer. Come renewal time, you only pay the relevant yearly hosting fee.






Now pick the hosting package that best suits your needs.



Pro 10 Account (personal use only)
10mb of space, cgi/php, 24hr FTP access includes your own email account
anything@yourdomain.co.uk with unlimited aliases.
45.00 a year (ex Vat)

Site line Pro 50 Account
50mb of space, cgi/perl/php/ssi enabled. 24hr FTP access. 5 email accounts. Unlimited aliases.
75.00 a year (ex Vat)

Site line Pro 50 mySQL Account
50mb of space, cgi/perl/php/ssi enabled. mySQL account. 24hr FTP access. 5 email accounts. Unlimited aliases.
95.00 a year (ex Vat)

Site line
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If you need more space, more email boxes, or SSL please
email us with your requirements or give us a call. We're always pleased to help.

As a general rule we allow up to 2 gigs of bandwidth a month per account. That's quite a bit more than most hosts who start at around 500mb. Some charge extra for bandwidth usage and call it 'pay as you go'. Rather than mislead, we prefer to adopt an open policy. You would need to be running a fairly hefty e-commerce site to consistently use 2 gigs a month. If you regularly go over 2 gigs we will talk to you and come to an agreeable solution. Having said that, if you are using a lot of bandwidth, you've probably got a successful web site anyway, so it's all relative.

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